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The irony of Kim Kardashian having a fake ass, plastic surgery on her face, fake hair, access to nutritionists and personal trainers, and the best makeup money can buy saying “#NoFilter”. Her whole life is a filter.

No woman would ever use filters if they had access to the shit she did.

I’m schleep doe

Her ass is real

Cool. Thanks for schooling me with your expertise



Why are you hating so hard nigga get a fucking life

lmao seriously

why is he so upset

both of those “no ass pics” are shopped i can tell Kim’s ass is 100% real hatin ass!!!!

With the all the common sense that god should have blessed you with. you can’t put two and two together and tell that her ass is fake?

All yall lame

i personally don’t believe that she’s gotten any facial reconstructive surgery or butt implants, and here’s why. 

let’s start with her butt. 

first off, not only kim, but all 3 of them, are very bottom heavy. sure, the other two aren’t as drastically pear shaped as kim, but still naturally pear shaped. 
all bodies are different. every body carries fat differently. you don’t need to be 200 pounds and fat all over to compensate for such a big ass. 

2, pictures are bullshit, especially in today’s society. everything is photoshopped.

every celebrity knows how to pose. every celebrity knows how to angle their bodies for photos. like, we’re all familiar with “the myspace angle”, and if random girls with a camera can pull it off, don’t you think someone like kim knows the best of the best myspace angles? i’m sure she knows when to tooch and when to suck it in.

3. here’s an actual picture of kim taken at the 2006 espy awards

sure it’s gotten bigger over the years, but that happens to just about every woman, trust me, i’m old. 
she’s nearly 33. as you get older you hold onto more weight in all the areas that you’ve always held onto it. there’s no question that she’s already bottom heavy, so naturally she’ll hold onto more fat in her ass as she gets older.

4. the butt x-ray:

and here’s what implants actually look like under x-ray

they appear dark and foggy and clearly visible. 
idk, i don’t really see anything worth questioning in her butt x-ray.

5. she’s covered in lumps and cellulite. her body isn’t perfect, and it’s actually somewhat freakish really. i’d assume if you’re going to get all kinds of plastic surgery you either wouldn’t have all those imperfections to begin with or you’d get them taken care of while you’re at it.


do you have any idea how amazing contouring and highlighting is? i mean, there’s so much more to makeup than most people realize. 
with highlighting and contouring you can completely transform your face. i mean, look at drag queens. without highlighting/contouring those bitches couldn’t pull off their transformation at all. 

you can completely change the bone structure of your face with proper contouring. you can appear to have higher cheek bones, you can make your nose smaller, you can make your jaw line and brow bone completely different than it actually is.

that’s just one example of transformation with the help of contouring. and i specifically found one with very little contouring so show you how just a little bit can change a face.

it’s no secret that she’s a master of highlighting and contouring. 

i mean, that’s like full blown drag contour. 

all that said, you can look at older pictures of her and tell that her face is exactly the same, it’s just all topical cosmetic differences. 

she’s always matte now. light and shine reflect light and cause things to appear larger. 
her falsies make her eyes appear smaller or squintier without having to squint.
obviously, there’s loads of contouring and highlighting like i mentioned. 
her eyebrows have a completely different shape. eyebrows frame your entire face. the smallest adjustment to a set of eyebrows will literally change the entire appearance of a face. 

and most importantly, she’s aged. not that she looks old, but just in general, when people get older your face will change. 
for me, i didn’t grow into my giant lollipop head until i was a teenager and it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that my face finally thinned out and i lost all the “baby fat”. 

and that’s just my 2 cents.

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